At the last monthly meeting on March 27th we initiated a new activity – a “LAN party”. It was the brainchild of the youngest member of the Board. Using the Ethernet hubs that PACS owns, he set up a truly local area network on a few tables in the cafeteria. He invited any and everyone to bring their computers to the meeting and hook into this LAN to participate in multi-player gaming. We publicized this event, taking it as yet another way to draw new people to the PACS meetings.

Gaming may not be of great interest to many or even most PACS members. But we try to be a diversified user group, and gaming certainly occupies a significant niche in the pantheon of computing activities. Several small companies specialize in high-powered gaming computers, and even the big boys like Dell now offer gaming-configured PCs. Even more important than diversity – gaming attracts a young crowd. That’s what we got, and some of them joined PACS that very day! PACS has definitely become a graying organization, and I for one, the oldest member of the Board, very much want to see young people come in and become active in our club. We will all benefit from it.