January Homework Question

We talked about the text-decoration property at the December meeting. Two of the values that can be used with that property are "underline" and "line-through." They do just what their names suggest. There are other ways to do the same thing, though, and this question requires you to think about what to use to achieve your objective.

There are three paragraphs below. Each has a section of text that is underlined and a section that is over struck. If you look at the source for this page, you will see that the tags are different for each paragraph. Are they all equally valid uses of HTML and CSS? Why or why not? (Note that the CSS in this document uses classes. We will cover that topic in January.)

Paragraph 1: <u> and <s>

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Paragraph 2: <ins> and <del>

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Paragraph 3: CSS text-decoration

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